Why knowledge management and learning

PEDN prides herself in having the experience and knowledge related to solutions to challenges facing youth as of the result of directly working with over 300 schools and reaching out to over 500,000 youth in 12 districts since 2004. Solutions to youth issues such as poverty, education challenges, unemployment, have been addressed through the organizations strategy of using social & financial education.  Despite of this progress most of these solutions have not been applied at a wider coverage leading to the gap between what is known and what is done in practice. This has also affected the sustainability of some of our programs in the schools and districts where they have been implemented.

Our 2016- 2021 strategic plan developed a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Department which has been tasked to undertake studies, Random Control Trials (RCT’s) and surveys to support knowledge management and learning.

As a way forward, we shall be sharing our different studies, policy briefs,  new innovations in youth empowerment that can support in youth empowerment programs across the world. Kindly download some of our materials from the department below to learn more about our work under youth empowerment.

  1. Empowering Youth through Social and Financial Life Skills and Healthy Behaviors: Lessons from a Ugandan Pilot (Fistula Plus pilot with EngenderHealth, PEDN and Aflatoun International)
  3. Enhanced Aflatoun Curriculum Delivery and Quasi Experimental Evaluation – Baseline Report 2018
  4. Enhnaced Aflatoun Curriculum Delivery and Quasi Experimental Evaluation_Endline_FINAL REPORT
  6. Report E-SchoolBank Final Evaluation_final_final edits
  7. Youth Empowerment Program (YEP 2) end-line report 4 July 2018 final…