Market Led Skills Training For Youth

Youth in Uganda are faced with various challenges that have worsened the unemployment situation. Inadequate credentials and skills among youth which has been made it hard for them to get into employment. PEDN addresses this challenge through.

Our Approach to Market led skills training for youth

The PEDN Academy

·        Through the PEDN Academy, programs that enhance development of the 21st Century Skills among youth are being implemented, focusing on:


o   Learning Skills,

o   Literacy Skills

o   Life Skills,

o   Critical Thinking

o   Creative Thinking

o   Collaborating Communicating

o   Information Literacy

o   Media Literacy

o   Technology Literacy

o   Social skills

o   Leadership skills

Internship Program

Creating an internship program for the youth in our programs, through establishment of networks that include partner organizations, fellows and enterprises. These networks link the youth to internship and apprenticeship opportunities.

Career Guidance & Mentorship

• Career guidance and mentorship: – The youth are to be linked to mentors and role models who guide them to make life and career choices. This is achieved through organizing school workshops and out of school camps for the youth.

Vocational Skills Training

• Hands on vocational skills training: – the youth are trained on hands on vocational skills training that enable them to create their own jobs. These skills are identified after carrying out a market needs assessment in the communities where the youth are based.