Entrepreneurship & Business Skills Development

Due to the high levels of unemployment, many youths have moved into starting up their own small businesses as an option for looking for jobs. This has led to Uganda being ranked as one of the top countries all over the world with the highest number of small business start-ups but unfortunately most of these businesses do not survive two years after formulation. This has mainly been brought up as the result of lack of the necessary entrepreneurship and business skills amongst the youth. This challenge has not only left the youth unemployed but also poorer because they waste most of their savings in the failed businesses. PEDN is tackling this challenge by

Our Approach to Entrepreneurship & Business Skills Development

School-based Business & Entrepreneurship Skills Training

    Conducting school-based business and entrepreneurship skills training, focusing on marketing, resource mobilization, value addition, management, leadership, communication, and hands on vocational skills, financial literacy, accounting, and packaging.

Exposure visits

§      Exposure visits: – Exposing young people to successful businesses in order to gain knowledge, confidence and mentorship in starting and sustaining businesses. This also helps them in building social networks