Civil society activists including Irene Mutumba the country director at Private Education Development Network (PEDN) called for a revised strategy that involves men to champion girl’s education.

In her speech Mutumba said,” We have only engaged female activists for women’s and girls’ rights, the new strategy should engage total participation of men to attain women’s emancipation and end gender inequality.”

She stressed that the current gender inequality strategy portrays the importance of women’s rights than educating and calling for a harmonious living between the two sexes.

“Men passive gender equality as a move to undermine them at home and this explains why many have not joined the straggle.

We should talk about their daughters’ rights this would bring them closer since no man would want his children battered.” Mutumba said.

However she recommended that boys rights ‘shouldn’t be forgotten adding that with time, the number of boys mistreated would be high.

“We have forgotten the rights of a boy child, almost everyone has abandoned them assuming that they are not facing any challenges but they really need counseling.” Mutumba added.

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