EGE club members from Standtall Education Center during a saving session using school e-bank software being piloted in 20 schools across Uganda

Researchers from Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA)  partnered with the Private Education Development Network (PEDN) and FINCA Uganda to implement and test the “Super Savers” program in public primary schools. Children in grades five through seven, the final three years of primary school, were given the opportunity to deposit money into lockboxes on a daily or weekly basis.

Even when there are no official school fees, the financial burden of purchasing uniforms, books, and other school supplies prevents low-income students from remaining in school. In Uganda, researchers tested whether a school-based savings program improved academic performance and reduced dropout rates by enabling students and their families to save for school-related expenses. A version of the program that labeled savings for educational purposes, rather than fully committing money to educational expenses, increased the amount students saved, expenditures on educational supplies, and test scores.

To learn more about the study download IPA – Smoothing the Cost of Education_ Primary School Saving in Uganda (00000002)