Since 2004 PEDN has reached key milestones in its
goal of achieving its vision of empowering youth in

Some of the key milestones include:-
 Our programs have directly reached all
regions of Uganda
 Over 300 schools ( both primary and
secondary) directly benefiting from our school

 Over 500,000 youth reached through offering
financial education, business skills, youth
mentoring and entrepreneurial training for
young people in schools and out of schools

 Strong networks built through the Public-
Private Partnership model. PEDN is working
with the government of Uganda, Private
sector institutions, financial institutions, media
houses such as Vision Group, other nongovernmental
organizations and district

 We have provided technical support to the
National Curriculum Development Center
(NCDC) in mainstreaming entrepreneurship
education and financial literacy into the
National school’s curriculum.

 Directly supported in the creating of the
Financial Literacy strategy of Uganda by the
Bank of Uganda.