Our Programmes

In June 2004, PEDN was founded by Irene Mutumba, an Ashoka fellow and social entrepreneur whose passion was to overcome the high rate of rote learning in Uganda’s education system and financial illiteracy among the youth. In fact, it is believed that her personal sentiment and key cause for change is the ‘unemployed youth’ statistic.

PEDN has worked in partnership with multi-corporations, trusts, foundations and financial institutions to realize her vision.

As PEDN continues to grow, it embraces additional programs that assist in the mission of teaching children and youth finance, business and entrepreneurial skills through activity-based learning.

Currently, PEDN currently has a presence in 36 districts spread in all regions of Uganda PEDN has implemented interventions supported by both local and international partners, including Ministry of Education and Sports, Citi Foundation, Aflatoun International, Opportunity International, USAID Feed The Future Program, DFID and Porticus among others.

Our practical and on ground experience of over 15 years working with schools and youth has enabled us to closely work with the Ministry of Education and Sports to contribute towards the education system in Uganda with a focus on literacy & numeracy, life skills enhancement, teacher training, establishing safe school learning environment for child protection enhancement and development of competency based curriculum.

Our Focus Areas

Financial Literacy & Inclusion

Financial Literacy training regardless of income level, education, age, rural or gender.

Market Led Skills Training

Inadequate credentials and skills which has been made it hard for them to get into employment.

Entrepreneurship & Business Skills Dev't

High levels of unemployment, many youths have moved into starting up their own small businesses.

Knowledge Management & Learning

Our knowledge management component is managed by a strong Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL).

Our Geographical Coverage