THE PROBLEM:- 78% of Uganda’s population is between 10-30 years. This population is also faced with high levels of unemployment which stand at 64% leading to high levels of poverty and it’s effects such high crime rates, child marriage, teenage pregnancy etc.
Uganda’s theoretical educational system has led to more job seekers than creators and those who start up their own businesses cannot sustain them due to lack of access to financial services and entrepreneurship skills.

OUR SOLUTION:- PEDN has adopted a beneficiary centered and active learning approach that direct-ly empowers in and out of school youth between the ages of 10-35 years through market led skills training, entrepreneurship skills training, financial literacy, life skills training that leads to workforce readiness and employability skills.
PEDN operates under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model where we closely work with the Ministry of Education & Sports, Bank of Uganda, private sector and development partners such as Citi Foundation, Dfid, Aflatoun International, Feed the Future.