In June 2004, PEDN was founded by Irene Mutumba, an Ashoka Fellow and social entrepreneur whose passion was to overcome the high rate of rote learning in Uganda’s education system and financial literacy among the youth. As a teacher, Irene believed that it was fundamentally important that financial inclusion and helping youth to lead lifestyles of entrepreneurs was highly imperative.

Through youth led and community based clubs, Ugandan youth have got opportunities to be creative, demonstrate initiative and approach learning in new ways. With PEDN‟s pioneer program, Irene led a selected number of youth into a mentorship and entrepreneurial process that produced a number of productive youth that encouraged the growth of the organization into a multi-project organization with over 7 major projects and programs benefiting over 10 districts in Uganda and over 500,000 children and youth.
PEDN currently has a presence in 14 districts spread across all regions of Uganda with a network of 300 primary and secondary schools. With a leading and significant role in Uganda, PEDN has extended its technical expertise to the government of Uganda, financial institutions, as well as public entities through consultancy, business development services, local and international research. This has made PEDN stand out as a key contributor to micro-entrepreneurship, finance and business development in the region. PEDN also operates under a Public Private partnership in which it’s working with government structures, financial institutions, schools and other civil society organizations.
PEDN is registered as a company limited by guarantee under reg. no 64545.

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