Our Strategic Direction
Youth unemployment still remains a serious policy challenge in many
sub-Saharan African countries, including Uganda. In 2013, youth (aged
15 to 24) in sub-Saharan Africa were twice likely to be unemployed
compared to any other age cohort. For Uganda, in 2012, the Uganda
Bureau of Statistics revealed that the share of unemployed youth
(national definition, 18-30 years) among the total unemployed persons
in the country was 64 percent.

PEDN’s vision is built on four main pillars directly supporting in and out
school groups from the ages of 10 – 35 years. PEDN also works with
Private Sector institutions such as financial institutions as well the
government to implement these objectives below:-
Strategic Objective One: Entrepreneurship and financial literacy
mainstreamed into levels of Uganda’s education curriculum through
collaboration with the National Curriculum Development Center

We work with the National Curriculum Development Center
(NCDC) under the curriculum development working group
We carryout relevant research to advocate for mainstreaming of
entrepreneurship and financial inclusion into the Uganda’s
education curriculum.

Strategic Objective Two: Young people equipped with entrepreneurship
and business skills

Organizing entrepreneurship and business skills workshops and
trainings for youth in and out of school.
Organizing youth camps with a focus on entrepreneurship and
business skills training
Establishing business mentoring sessions and internship opportunities for young people with already established business

Strategic Objective Three: Young people’s access to financial services,
products and information increased
Engaging with financial institutions for youth exposure visits to
bank halls under exposure visits
We are working under the Uganda Financial Literacy Working
Group that is chaired by the Bank of Uganda.
Organizing financial literacy workshops and trainings for youth
both in and out of school
Use of media (website, social media, print media, television and
radio) to transmit financial literacy messages
Engaging with communities and parents to open child savings
accounts for their children
Strategic Objective Four: Young people equipped with market-led
vocational skills
We train our youth vocational skills beneficiaries within marketled
vocational skills
Through working with the private sector we organize mentorship
sessions for our beneficiaries under vocational skills.