Empowerment for Girls Education

PEDN through the Empowerment for Girls Education project implemented in 132 private affordable primary and secondary schools across 28 districts of Uganda.

The purpose is to improve the learning, retention and transition of girls through the delivery of Social Empowerment, Financial Literacy and Life skills training 7,920 girls and 660 boys in schools in 3 years

  • 10,432 young people were trained in Financial literacy, Life skills and Child protection in 132 schools in 29 districts
  • 80 teachers trained in 132 schools in 29 districts
  • 132 youth clubs established and supported in 132 schools.
  • 132 youth clubs were established and supported by PEDN in 132 schools. A total of Ugx 57,737,000 was saved by young people in 132 clubs.
  • 10 schools installed the E-bank system to ease tracking of saving in clubss
  • 132 social and financial enterprises were established by young people in the project for profit and social good.
  • A total of 12,996 copies of the New Vision newspaper were distributed in schools to enhance literacy and numeracy skills among young people.
  • Supporting Households supported with Income Generating Kits or activities (IGAs).

    60 of the most needy households in Eastern and central Uganda were supported with business start-up kits to help them generate income to support the education of girl child at the verge of dropping out of school due to lack of school fees and other educational needs.

  • Supporting making reusable sanitary pads.

    A total of 132 sewing machines were distributed in 132 schools to support girls to make reusable sanitary pads to ensure they attend school regularly. Hand sewing kits were also distributed in the same schools for hand making of sanitary pads.