Girls take Lead project helped in unlocking my exceptional skills in entrepreneurship.

Namugga Dorothy is a 19-year-old GTL AGYW in group 4A in Bwami –Bukakata Sub County. When she joined GTL, she never had an idea of how to make her life better.
However, after completing a session on “Who I am” and “What I want to Be” as well as “Saving and Budgeting” in the GTL curriculum, she realized her potential. She started saving some money even at home and managed to get Ugx10,000 as capital to start a restaurant business (selling tea and cooking food for revellers) in the village.

In one month, she was able to buy the needed restaurant utensils [twelve (12) plates, 12 cups, one (1) bucket, one (1) sauce pan and one (1) jug]. Proceeds from the small restaurant have been used to meet some of her personal needs, and has also managed to save Ugx 28,000 with a village saving group and Ugx 6,000 with the PEDN/GTL savings group. Dorothy is one of the 500 AGYW supported by PEDN and Aidsfonds in Masaka to uplift their lives through instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in them to be able to afford basic needs and avoid indulging in transactional sex.

GTL Project Coordinator talking to Namugga Dorothy as she shared her restaurant success in Bwami (Bukakata Sub County, Masaka)


The Private Education Development Network (PEDN) is a non- profit organization, established in 2004 with an aim of promoting and integrating entrepreneurial teaching and learning and financial education in formal and informal education systems in Uganda.

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