This is a one year standard sub contract financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through Chemonics International and implemented by the Private Education Development Network (PEDN). The Activity is to be implemented in the districts of Masindi, Mubende and Mbale targeting 12,000 youth in 80 primary schools from January 2018 to December, 2018.
The sub-contract activity aimed at addressing the youth skills gap ( soft and hard skills) and lack of youth business support services that are accessible and affordable under three core objectives which included to:-
1. Improve skills and competencies of young people in employability skills, entrepreneurship skills, and life skills.
2. Build confidence in young people to understand and make informed decisions about career choices, and life choices such as delaying to have sex at a young age, delaying marriage, staying in school, and informed sexual & reproductive health decisions related to HIV/AIDs & body changes.

3. Enhance positive attitude of young people to agriculture through role model sessions, value addition. The youth have poor attitude to agriculture as many still believe that agriculture is for those who are not educated and living in the rural area. Through the school based agricultural value addition trainings and the role model sessions, we will be able to interest the youth with the benefits of farming and through success stories of role models in the area