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The Aflateen programme is an offshoot of the Child Social & Financial Education (CFSE) programme that is called Aflatoun 1. It provides a balanced curriculum and programme of activities which facilitate learning about social responsibilities and financial literacy for older children aged 15 to 18.

It involves developing three key trajectories of learning:

  • An understanding of rights and responsibilities that enables individuals to develop their communities in a conscientious manner.
  • Financial knowledge and skills that enable individuals to make the best use of available resources.
  • A commitment to strive for a sustainable world through their lifestyles and by conducting social & financial enterprise projects aimed towards the betterment of their communities, including engaging in collaborative work with children in other countries.

The balance of social and financial education is what makes the concept unique as a combination of economic empowerment and social education achieves holistic and sustainable empowerment.  

The Aflateen programme, however, puts more emphasis on developing the teenagers to be agents of change who will undertake activities and be able to reflect how this affects the different spheres of socio-cultural, environmental and financial/economic states, or what is more popularly known as “people, planet and profit”.

Currently PEDN is implementing the 2016-2017 Aflateen Social & Financial Education project which is focused on a curriculum created by the Aflatoun secretariat that brings social and financial education to youth worldwide. Tailored specifically for this developmental phase, the Aflateen programme not only teaches about finance but also encourages young people to question the world around them. The Aflateen Program is being implemented in secondary schools in Uganda by the Private Education Development Network with the support of Citibank Uganda Limited through Citi Foundation.

The Aflateen Social and Financial Education program is directly providing 8,000 in school youth and 20 out of school youth groups in Arua, Gulu, Wakiso, Kasese and Kampala with a holistic financial and social education training's, capacity building, and information that will lead to change in the financial and social behaviors of the participants leading to a socially and economically empowered generation and also reach out to more than 100,000 youth and other community members with financial literacy information through social media, radio, and print media.  

The overall goal of the program is to, “Incorporate social & financial education and activities to help children and youth make sound financial decisions.”

Objectives of the Program

  • Change in financial behavior and practice among youth.
  • Enhance the skills and ability of youth to build and preserve financial assets (enterprise assets  and money).
  • Foster entrepreneurship, employment and economic empowerment among young people.

What is the problem we are trying to address through the Aflateen Social & Financial Education Program?

  • Over 30% of Ugandans reported that they need more information on budgeting.
  • 56% of Ugandans said they would not always budget before they engage in financial transactions.
  • With a high population of more than 38 million of which more than 54% are between 15-24 years, the future of the country will highly depend on the financial decisions made by this group of young people. This population is highly affected by poor financial decisions leading to high dependency ratio as well.

How are we addressing these youth problems through Aflateen Social & Financial Education Program?

  • Youth get free practical lessons on personal development, personal financial management, saving, financial service providers and social & financial enterprises five times in a term.
  • Schools will be provided with weekly New Vision Newspaper with a topic under financial education Youth will have an opportunity to open up bank accounts.
  • Youth will access to business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators.

The objective of the program is to enable young people to:-

  • Examine and reflect on their identities, values and beliefs, as well as relationships with family.
  • Investigate how rights are realized or violated in society.
  • Describe and practice responsible use of financial and other natural resources.
  • Conduct savings, planning and budgeting activities to realize a desired goal.
  • Conduct social and financial enterprises.

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